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Craft 'N' Creation Export

Craft 'N' Creation Export, an Industry-led body, was created under the Companies Act of 1956 (now companies act 2013. Section - 08) with the principal purpose of giving added push to the initiatives required for taking export of Jute goods to a sustainable higher level.

Who We Are?

In a world slowly being choked by plastic, Craft N Creation Export brings forth a breath of fresh air, in the form of bags made from Jute, Jute blend Craft N Creation Export is a reputed company based in Kolkata. Fine quality shopping, promotional, non-woven bags are manufactured and exported all over the globe. These bags are available in customized variety incorporating the needs and demands of the customers. Jute is a natural fiber and is commonly utilized in making ropes, mats, Hessian cloth, Hessian/Burlap bags, gunny bags, sacks, gift bags and promotional bags. It also finds its use in the making of jute handicrafts, souvenir bags and Jute Yarn/Jute Twine.

Realizing the importance of this eco-friendly and biodegradable product that is also known as the Golden Fiber for its color and the cash value, we have made an effort to provide our customers with high quality jute products since the Company came into existence.

Jute products are widely used for commercial purposes and also finds its use as a home textile. The fiber is not only durable and strong but is also known to provide UV protection. It offers low thermal conduction, sound and heat insulation and is also naturally decomposable which makes it widely usable in manufacturing technical textiles.The product range comprises almost every major application of jute - the most versatile, eco-friendly, bio-degradable fibre available, durable, natural, anti-static.

The Company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of all types of Jute & Jute allied products – Traditional jute products for Packaging of Agricultural and Industrial produce and diversifying into Woven Jute Geotextiles for road construction and all kinds of jute Promotional and Shopping Bags.

Our Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • OUR BELIEFS - We believe in producing superior quality products and providing the best services to each client. With the customer at our focus, we strive to meet complex requirements and anticipate future needs. We like to create deep bonds, both within the company and beyond. At our workspaces we strive to maintain a family atmosphere, comfort and excellence.

  • OUR MISION - To protect, support, develop, promote, increase and maintain the export of all types of jute, jute blended and jute union products made from jute fiber, yarn, twine and fabric for conventional, technical and new diversified uses and to carry out such activities in such a manner as may be necessary for growth in jute diversified products.

  • OUR VISION - Our vision is to reinvent jute and challenge the world’s perception of it – from just a traditional packaging product, into a more versatile fibre with both industrial and consumer end uses. We aim to encourage “conscious living” and promote the “Go Green” tradition.

Quality is our first priority

At Craft N Creation Export, we believe in deriving extraordinary results from ordinary people. We have strived to develop a work atmosphere that facilitates the maximization of human potential. We endeavour to train and coach our people to question mediocrity and exhibit high levels of awareness.

The Company mandates for greater degree of consciousness and openness with regard to quality at all levels and stages of the jute manufacturing process. The company has well equipped testing facilities to ensure adherence to these standards for inward-materials, process stock as well as finished goods. The Statistical Quality Control team employed by craft n creation export consists of techno-commercial experts who ensure that both quality and costs are optimized. They, in cooperation with the manufacturing team, continuously monitor the quality of production.

We firmly believe that process improvement alone can take one far in ones endeavour of adherence to quality and setting newer standards. We are introducing new technologies for improvement of processes and are of the firm belief that state – of – the – art modernization is the only way forward. We keep a constant watch on proper maintenance and up gradation of the same.